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Made in the U.S.A

Dakota Walk-In Tubs is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Bliss Walk-In Tubs for North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.

The Bliss Walk In Tub features... 

--Stainless steel inter-frame for the highest structural integrity
--Fiberglass with gel-coat finish
--Available with right or left entry
--High-flow intake for faster fill-up
--2 inch drain for up to 100% faster water drain
--Electronic state-of-art jet controls
--Largest air and hydro jets available
--10 fully adjustable hydro jets
--16 air jets
--Wall mounted shower system available
--Largest variety of tub size


Our Story

We have installed hundreds of Bliss walk-in tubs since 2011 with almost no service needed. We chose the Bliss Walk In Tub over all its competitors because it had the best features available and the company’s commitment to quality and service after the sale.

Important Features

All of our showers and tubs are proudly manufactured in the USA, and are backed by the best warranty in the industry. Learn more about our complete line of bathing systems and accessories. Give us a call at 701-650-0095!

Hydro Jets

Enjoy a vigorous, focused massage as water sprays out of 10 state-of-the-art, individually adjustable, strategically placed jets, targeting specific areas, such as the lower back, hips, legs and feet.

The revolutionary new “Green Heat Energy System” utilizes the heat expended by the motor to warm the circulating water. This process of harvesting the inherent “free heat” from the motor eliminates the need for a loud fan and reduces the energy required to function by up to 60%, ultimately saving on energy costs and minimizing impact on the environment.

--10 state-of-the-art water jets
--Water jets are individually adjustable for a fully customized bathing experience
--Ultra-quiet pump powering water jets is quietest in the world (less than 5 dB(A) ambient noise)
--“Green Energy” pump maintains water temperature by recirculating heat back into walk-in tub water
--Easy-touch controls adjust overall jet strength
--ADA-compliant for use by seniors and people with disabilities

Air Jets

Enjoy the harmony of air, water and bubbles as 18 state-of-the-art chrome air jets deliver exquisite therapeutic massage with the soothing comfort of thousands of warm air bubbles.

The variable-speed touch pad controls are easy to understand and easy on the fingers. Choose between wave mode (speed varies gradually) and pulse mode (speed automatically alternates between maximum and minimum).

--18 state-of-the-art chrome air jets
--CG Air Systems blower powering air jets is quietest in the world
--Blower’s ceramic heater preheats air for body comfort
--Following shutoff, air jets self-clean automatically, and blower’s automatic cleaning cycle purges excess water from air lines, maintaining a sterile massage system

Shower System

 Take a look at the shower component on our walk-in tubs so you can see how easily the shower head can be adjusted.  The shower head can rest near the water faucets within easy reach if you are sitting down.  This is a very convenient access position if you like to use it to wash your hair or to rinse off after your tub-bath.  However, if you, or someone in your household, wants to take a stand-up shower, just slide the shower head to your preferred level on the stainless steel bar. By the way, a shower curtain component is installed with all our tubs, so there's no danger of getting water on your bathroom floor.