Aging in Place

A term or concept that is becoming more and more popular these days is "aging in place" - being able to stay in one's homes as one grows older. Most likely the aging of a large group of baby boomers has a lot to do with this. More and more people are concerned about their ability to live comfortably in their homes as they age. In fact, even while they are physically able to maneuver well in their bathrooms and handle their stairs efficiently, they are beginning to plan ahead for days when they may not be able to do so.

As builders, one of the major areas that Dakota Walk In Tubs is asked to tackle is making the bathroom a safe place for seniors who are beginning to have mobility issues.

Dakota Walk-In Tubs has spent many years solving safety problems in the bathroom. Our walk-in bathtubs and barrier free showers alleviate many of the problems where safety and accessibility are a concern, thus giving people a better chance to age safely and comfortably in their homes.